Whether it’s the perfect shot or a clever pass – in basketball, too, everything revolves around perfect precision!

Sponsoring has been a very important and strategic communication tool for KEMMLER for many years.

With the help of sponsoring we manage to make the company and the brand “Kemmler Präzisionswerkzeuge” even better known and to connect it with a desired image – successful, likeable, dynamic and team-oriented – as well as to emotionalise the brand.
In addition, we would like to raise our profile as an interesting and successful employer, further improve our image and increase the motivation and identification of our employees.

Kemmler Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH takes its social and societal responsibility (motif) as a successful business enterprise very seriously under the motto ‘From the region – For the region’ and also does justice to this responsibility and the topic of partnership with the help of sponsoring.

We are pleased to be a member of the Tigers family in the second highest partner class as a senior partner since the beginning of 2023. The partnership is characterised in particular by the innovative branding and design possibilities for conveying values and emotions via the communication channels of Kemmler Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH. The focus is on the creation of playful content between basketball and precision tools.

The Tübingen Tigers are a sporting flagship for the region. They stand for passion, community, fairness, future and home. We also live all these values in our company.