Dovetail fixtures

Locating / Stop Pin For Accuracy

A precision locating pin ensures the stock is centered in the fixture while ensuring the stock cannot be forced out of the fixture during machining.

The locating pin also provides high repeatability for in process inspection / movement from machine to machine.

Mechanically Locked

All 5th Axis products utilize a 45 degree dovetail angle.

Dovetails provide equal in and down force, meaning your parts are held more stable than any other workholding method. Minimal torque is required.If you need compact workholding with high repeatability and ultimate precision, then you need to use dovetail workholding.

Fast, Simple Prep Operation

Dovetailing a part is a quick, simple machining operation that prepares your stock for our dovetail fixtures / vises.

A small time investment on the front ends equals unmatched holding power– and unmatched precision– for the rest of your manufacturing process.

Efficient Material Use

Dovetailing reduces the amount of material you need to purchase via traditional clamping methods.

Not only do you waste less of your stock, but dovetailing also reduces part deformation due to excessive torque; dovetails spread clamping force more evenly through the part and use downforce instead of lateral pressure.

Hold Any Material

5th Axis Dovetails can hold the majority of materials on the market today, everything from fragile graphite to ultra-hard high temp alloys.